Kimba (Japanese, U.S., Croatian, Slovene)

Translations of Japanese titles U.S. titles (1966, 2000, 2003, 2005) Croatian titles from 1995 and 2003 Slovene titles from 1995 and 2003
Go Child Of Panja Go White Lion Pandzin sin (Panja's Son) Kimba Krempljev sin (Kimba, Panja's Son)
The Wind Of The Desert The Wind In The Desert Kimba i hijene (Kimba And The Hyenas) Kimba in hijene (Kimba And The Hyenas)
The Animal School A Human Friend Kimba prijatelj ljudi (Kimba Friend Of Humans) Kimba clovekov prijatelj (Kimba Friend Of Humans)
The Wild Ox Samson Great Caesar's Ghost Samson napada (Samson Attacks) Samson napada (Samson Attacks)
Memory Of The Continent  Fair Game Kimba u Parizu (Kimba in Paris) Kimba v Parizu (Kimba in Paris)
The Starving Savannah Jungle Thief Kimba i kradljivci hrane (Kimba And The Food Thieves)

Kimba in tatovi hrane (Kimba And The Food Thieves)

The Duel Of Konga Battle At Dead River Kimba i kralj Bubu (Kimba And King Bubu) Kimba in kralj Bubu (Kimba And King Bubu)
The Crazed Cloud Insect Invasion Kimba protiv skakavaca (Kimba vs. The Grasshoppers) Kimba proti kobilicami (Kimba vs. The Grasshoppers)
The Winged Ruler The Flying Tiger Kimba i krilati tigar (Kimba And The Winged Tiger) Kimba in krilati tiger (Kimba And The Winged Tiger)
A Pair Of Hearts Two Hearts And Two Minds Lea - Kimbina ljubav (Lea - Kimba's Love) Lea - Kimbina ljubezen (Lea - Kimba's Love)
The Hunting Ground Part 1 Catch 'Em If You Can    
The Hunting Ground Part 2 The Hunting Ground    
The Great Jungle Chorus The Trappers Kimbina osveta/Kimba protiv lovaca (Kimba's Revenge/Kimba vs. The Hunters) Kimbino maščevanje/Kimbin boj z lovci (Kimba's Revenge/Kimba vs. The Hunters)
The Androcles Story Journey Into Time Kimba u Egiptu (Kimba In Egypt) Kimba v Egiptu (Kimba In Egypt)
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs Scrambled Eggs   Kimbino jajce (Kimba's Egg)
The Burning River Diamonds In The Gruff    
The Ghastly Blue Serpent The Magic Serpent    
Bera And The Medal The Runaway    
The Cabin's Revelation The Mystery Of The Deserted Village    
Restaurant Riot Restaurant Trouble    
The Return Of Sandy The Bad Baboon    
Uncle Varshy Dangerous Journey    
The Strange Giant Insect The Gigantic Grasshopper    
Mammy's Forest Gypsy's Purple Potion    
The Baby Elephant Jumbo Too Many Elephants    
The Flesh Of Peace A Revolting Development    
The Sad Chameleon The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf    
The Wildcat Miyu The Wild Wildcat    
The Cannibal Beast Flower Aurane Nightmare Narcissus    
The Pursuit Trip Adventure In The City    
The Mystery Of Deadman's Cave City Of Gold    
The Last Poacher The Last Poacher    
The Tuskless Hiyuki Affair Jungle Justice    
The Panther Totto's Counterattack Jungle Fun    
The Panther Totto's Counterattack The Pretenders    
The Monster Of Mask Valley The Monster Of The Petrified Valley    
The Howling Evil Statue The Legend Of Hippo Valley    
The Volcanic Crater Island Volcano Island    
The Season Of Insanity Running Wild    
The Raging Boy Of The Prairie The Trouble-Maker    
The Wandering Gods Of Death Destroyers From The Desert    
The Mischief Operation The Balloon That Blows Up    
The Angry Chimesetto The Monster Of The Mountain    
The Rainbow Valley A Friend In Deed    
The Phantom Mountain Such Sweet Sorrow Kimba i fantomska gora (Kimba And The Phantom Mountain) Kimba in fantomska gora (Kimba And The Phantom Mountain)
Jane Returns From The City The Return Of Fancy Prancy    
The Spotted Spider The Cobweb Caper    
Red Fang The Red Menace    
The Tree Invites The Dawn The Sun Tree    
Otto's Adventure Clan Soldier Of Fortune    
The Great Temple Of The Nile The Day The Sun Went Out    
The Cannibal Lion Silvertail The Renegade