European Kimba toy and video museum

This is a small presentation of Kimba items which were released only in Europe (and it will be updated from time to time). It is inspired by the Kimba W. Lion's Kimba Toy Museum page.

For now the items are displayed by country and in random order. Please click on the thumbnail to view a bigger picture, which will open in a new window (except for DVDs from Spain).

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two volumes from the VHS release of the 1993 episodes (publisher: Tropik Video)


The bi-lingual (croatian/slovenian) DVD release of the 1993 episodes from 2003 (publisher: Zauder Film)


The 45 RPM 7" single from 1982 with the 1979 italian opening theme by "I cavalieri del Re"; label: K-Tel, catalog no.: DEK 2007

The 3 VHS releases (from 1990s) of total 5 episodes from the first italian Kimba TV airing (1970s-1980s)

30th anniversary limited edition reissue of the above 45 RPM 7" record issued in 2012 (only 300 copies were made); label: Tre Effe Music, catalog no: 3F 45 002

The two movie posters (the second one is from 1971) of the movie shown in italian movie theatres as "Leo il re della giungla"; the name "All Bisney" should be an alias for Osamu Tezuka, and a play on Walt Disney's name

The first volume of the 3 books containing the complete Jungle Emperor manga translated in Italian (published in 1986 and in 1998 by ComicArt)

The 3 volumes of the new release of the Jungle Emperor manga translated in Italian which were published in 2005 by Hazard Edizioni

The handpainted collectible statues of Kimba and Kitty that were made in synthetic resin by Grieco Collection from Milan, with the cooperation of the Tezuka Productions designers in Tokyo (only 1000 pieces were made)

The 10 VHS releases with total 13 italian-dubbed episodes from "Leo the Lion" series released as "Leo il Leone - re della giungla" by Stardust Video in mid-1990s


The first 2 of total 6 LPs with the "hearplay" (sound track) from the 1977 german TV series, where the recording is slightly shortened to fit on LP; label: Poly (Polydor)

The "best selection" LP from 1977 with the best episodes from the series

(thanks to Marc Bischoff from Germany for the photo!)

Several items that were made in 1977 on the occasion of the first airing of Kimba in Germany - a wallpaper (yes, a real wallpaper for your room's wall), a huge (50 cm high) Kimba plush, and a small PVC figurine

The comic book from 1977 with the Kimba comic that was drawn and published in Germany (by Topix)

The three books with the complete Jungle Emperor manga translated in German published in 2001 by Carlsen Comics

Two volumes from the hardcover release of the Jungle Emperor manga in German published again by Carlsen Comics in 2011 and 2012

Some of the DVDs with the german-dubbed Kimba TV episodes released in 2005


The bi-lingual (croatian/slovenian) DVD release of the 1993 episodes from 2003 - pictured is the slovene version of the cover (publisher: Media Film)

A special DVD box with all 1993 episodes dubbed in slovenian issued by Dnevnik


The only spanish DVD-box set with the 1993 episodes (and the contained volumes) from 2005 (publisher: Premium Video)

United Kingdom

The two VHS tapes from 1983 consisting of 4 episodes each edited together to form a 90 minute movie

The promo poster issued in 1983 on the occasion of the release of the first video