Dec 24, 2021

Tezuka-themed clothing on Japan

It is designed by the japanese company Space Age Co., Ltd.

Category: Kimba news
Posted by: kimba

A huge selection of clothes/apparel designed by a japanese company called Space Age Co., Ltd. and featuring Tezuka characters (including Kimba the White Lion, Astro Boy and Black Jack) is available on a dedicated Japan store. These clothes mostly feature so called "pen sketch" designs of the Tezuka characters which do not resemble the original design from the anime/manga, but rather their stylized version. But, there are also some items that do feature the original character design, and these items have a "Tezuka Osamu World" text written on the front side and the character design on the back side of the item. Japan is now available in English as well, and so the ordering to countries outside Japan is no longer a problem.

Unfortunately, currently most of these items are out of stock, probably because of the recent special sale, but be sure to check back to the site to see if the items are again available.