May 13, 2019

A Kimba hoodie from Japan

Another company from Japan has designed a clothing item bearing Kimba's image...

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WEGO, a clothing company from Japan (that also runs several other clothing brands) has recently designed a hoodie that depicts Kimba. It is available in two colors and two sizes (M and L).

Other hoodies (a hoodie is called "parker" in Japan) and sweatshirt depicting Tezuka characters like Astro Boy, Black Jack and Unico are also available on WEGO, and their price is cca. $40 each. All these items can be shipped outside Japan, as there is a section about International shipping (with help of a middleman company called on the WEGO shop.

Although the WEGO online shop is initially in Japanese, thanks to the built-in auto-language selection function it can be easily switched to English.