Sep 18, 2019

The complete german Kimba DVD bundle

A must for every german Kimba fan !

Category: Kimba news
Posted by: kimba

Nipponart has released a mega DVD bundle of all Kimba series dubbed in German (the 1977 and 1991, as well as the 1989 series), and with the DVD release of the german-dubbed 1997 movie "Jungle Emperor Leo" that includes a CD with the original movie soundtrack. Just like with the previously released DVD and Bluray bundles, if you order this mega bundle from Nipponart, you also get a brand new and exclusive Kimba plush.

This DVD bundle can be ordered for €150 (ca. $165) from Nipponart and from eBay on Nipponart's eBay shop, but it can be shipped to Europe only. If you live outside Europe, this bundle can be bought from Germany, with or without the Kimba plush.